Lending Regulations


This is a translation of the original text. Only the German version of this regulation is legally binding.

The Student Council of the TU Ilmenau owns items that are made available to the student body. With this order a process should be defined, which makes it possible to borrow objects. The borrowing process should be as simple as possible. The order also ensures that decisions, costs and the general procedure are documented transparently for all parties involved.

§ 1 – Objects

  1. Items marked as such in the StuRa inventory directory can be borrowed.

  2. The inventory is created by the Finance Department and managed by the Lending Officer. It can be requested from the Lending Officer.

§ 2 – Entitled to borrow

  1. The following are entitled to borrow items

    1. all parts and sub-organizations of the student council of the TU Ilmenau

    2. Student initiatives recognized by the Student Council of the TU Ilmenau

    3. Students of the Ilmenau University of Technology

  2. Other organizations and persons can be authorized to borrow by resolution of the student council of the TU Ilmenau.

  3. In case of repeated violation of the loan regulations or related agreements, the loan officer can decide independently to exclude those from further loans. An objection against the exclusion can be submitted to the Student Council of the TU Ilmenau.

  4. Eligibility status does not establish a right to approval of a lending.

§ 3 – Purpose of the lending

  1. Events for which property of the student council of the TU Ilmenau is to be lent should serve a purpose according to § 80 ThürHG (tasks of the student body).

  2. The purpose is to be made credible to the Finance Unit when applying for the loan, for example by means of a project description. This is to be checked by the Finance Unit.

  3. The Finance Unit has the option of deciding whether to forego a more detailed audit of an individual event if

    1. it is an event of the student council of the TU Ilmenau or one of its sub-organizations,

    2. the event has already been audited in the past and there have been no significant changes to the purpose and procedure since then.

§ 4 – Approval and duration of lending

  1. For approval, the request should be received by the Lending Officer at least 2 weeks before the start of the loan. In exceptional cases, the Budget Officer, in consultation with the Lending Officer, may also approve requests up to 3 days prior to the start date.

  2. The loan is requested by completely filling out and sending the loan form (see attachment). The loan form documents all details of the loan. The loan form can be updated independently of the loan order.

  3. After approval of the application, the loan will be carried out in consultation with the loan officer. The applicant is responsible for the collection and return of the items.

  4. A return deadline can be set. This should be no later than 2 weeks after the end of the project period.

  5. The Finance Department reserves the right to terminate the loan immediately if

    1. it is determined that the stated purpose according to § 3, para. 1 does not come to fruition in the implementation of the event.

    2. the borrowed items are not handled with care.

  6. Supplementary contractual agreements may be made.

§ 5 – Deposit

  1. A deposit must be paid to the Student Council of the TU Ilmenau for the items to be borrowed. The amount of the deposit is decided and announced by the Finance Department.

    1. Items with a value of 250.00 € or more are subject to a deposit of 10% of the acquisition cost.

    2. For other inventory a deposit of 25.00 € is required.

    3. It is also possible to decide on a different deposit.

    4. Unter-Organisationen des Studierendenrates der TU Ilmenau müssen keine Kaution entrichten.

  2. The deposit must be paid to the Finance Department before the loan can be carried out. If this is not done, the agreement made will be cancelled.

§ 6 – Return, damage and loss

  1. The borrowed items must be returned in full within the set time limits according to § 4, para. 4.

  2. When returning the borrowed items, the functionality must be demonstrated.

    1. If the functionality is not given or other damages are found, the amount of the damages will be charged. In this case, part or all of the deposit may be retained.

    2. If the damage is due to normal wear and tear, invoicing may be waived.

    3. If no damage is found, the entire deposit will be returned.

    4. If the functionality cannot be checked upon return and damage is detected at a later date, this will be invoiced retrospectively.

  3. Werden Gegenstände nicht rechtzeitig zurückgegeben, kann für jede angefangene Woche eine Säumnisgebühr in Höhe von 10 EUR erhoben werden. Wenn möglich, wird diese von der Kaution abgezogen. Ist die Kaution hierfür nicht ausreichend, können die Kosten in Rechnung gestellt werden.

  4. In case of loss of items, replacement costs exceeding the amount of the deposit may be charged. Due to the loss of items with a value of € 250.00 or more, a loan suspension may be imposed on the applicant for a period of 3 months.

§ 7 – Entry into force

These regulations come into force with resolution 32/25-S03 of the StuRa from 14.12.2022.

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