Interclub Project Description


This is a translation of the original text. Only the German version of this regulation is legally binding.

The project description has the character of a statute.

§ 1 – Project sponsor

  1. The Student Council of the TU Ilmenau (StuRa) carries the Interclub in the premises of the Studentenwerk Erfurt-Ilmenau in Max-Planck-Ring 6c / L2x.

  2. The Interclub is regularly used by various student groups for public, semi-public or closed events. These groups form the active circle,

  3. Non-students may be appointed Honorary Actives, who will be given a voice in all project-related matters.

§ 2 – Aims of the project

  1. The highest concern is non-violence and tolerance towards each other and towards all those who are also committed to these moral laws.

  2. The premises are intended to provide an informal intercultural meeting place. The Interclub cannot reasonably have a club or association structure in the strict sense, but wants to be an open association for activities. Commercial goals are not pursued. Goals of personal financial enrichment may not be pursued.

  3. The Interclub is deliberately intended to provide a place where interested people can meet who are unable to do so in other venues due to specific cultural requirements or housing situations.

  4. The project aims to support the university in its goal of increasing the number of foreign students on the student cultural side. A cooperation with the Studentenwerk Erfurt-Ilmenau, the KuKo e. V., ISWI e. V. and the Studentenclub e. V. is aspired. A cooperation with the local schools, the adult education center as well as the city of Ilmenau is open, if the active people want to support this in individual cases.

  5. The project is finished when there are no more active people who want to or can revive it independently for longer than one semester.

§ 3 – Contents

  1. The Interclub has no regular independent opening. In principle, the club is always available to the active members for use in their activities.

  2. Country evenings with specific cultural character are to be held.

  3. There should be language circles between foreign language and native language students.

  4. The rooms are open for lectures, discussion groups or video evenings of an intercultural or community-building nature.

  5. If necessary, the rooms are open for consultation rounds and informal meetings according to § 2 paragraph 3.

  6. In exceptional cases, the rooms are made available for private events. The StuRa or the active groups decide on this.

§ 4 – Implementation rules

  1. Active groups and named main contact persons are confirmed by the StuRa upon informal application with a simple majority. The main contact persons present their application to the StuRa in person at a regular meeting. They report to the StuRa and are generally accountable to it. If there are justified complaints, the right of use can be withdrawn temporarily or permanently upon request.

  2. The designated main contact persons of the active groups must be confirmed at the beginning of each semester. A separate meeting will be convened for this purpose. This shall also install working groups from among the active groups for longer-term planning of activities including renovation projects as well as public relations related to the Interclub brand.

  3. The management of the StuRa manages a schedule as well as the temporary transfer of domiciliary rights, in particular also the allocation of keys.

  4. In cases of dispute, the StuRa will mediate.

  5. The StuRa manages and carries the means of communication of the Interclub. This includes a mailing list for internal communication as well as direct or linked presence of the active groups in the StuRa’s WWW offer.

  6. A separate cost center is maintained for the Interclub project.

  7. Further details are determined by the usage regulations.

Decided by the student council of the TU Ilmenau on 22.11.2000